Niyabat.org is a non-profit organisation that provides a service of carrying out devotional acts that could benefit loved ones who have parted too soon, near and dear ones to console them on the loss of someone special as well as new parents who wish to make a sacrifice to welcome the arrival of a new member (aqiqa).

Conceptualised and implemented by a caring member of the community who found the gap when he experienced the loss of a loved one. You may not have the ability to carry out good deeds yourself but have the desire to send gifts to aid those who cannot carry out acts of devotion themselves anymore or you may wish to fulfil their unfulfilled obligatory actions i.e. qadha fasts, namaz, etc.  Niyabat.org is there to make it easy for you to carry out these acts. We try our best to assign work in low income areas and masjid’s/ imambargha’s/ madressa’s in need so they also benefit from the employment.

Our Team

Our core team is based in the UK with a wide network of reliable individuals throughout the world. We have a dedicated team that ensures these acts are assigned, carried out and proof is gathered. Niabat.org ensures that those carrying out the acts know fully the jurisprudential laws (fiqh) related to the acts, the spiritual aspects of that act so as to carry them out correctly to reap full benefits for your loved ones elevating their status in the process.

Customers can leave a note with their email address if they would like confirmation and evidence of the act being carried out. Transparency and accountability is a priority for us, and we will try our best to ensure it. Once you select a service, it is our responsibility to ensure it is carried out for the isaal e sawab of the intended person.

May Allah, the almighty, make it easier on our loved ones who have departed this world and bless the dear ones whose birth has brought with it much joy and celebration.


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