About us

We are an non-profit organisation that provides a service of carrying out devotional acts that could be for the benefit of ones loved ones or even when there is a birth in the family e.g. aqiqa.

With regards to ones deceased you may want to carry out their unfulfilled obligatory actions i.e. qadha or you want to gift them a kind act which may relieve their situation.

Niyabat.org is there to make it easy for you and carry out these acts. We have a dedicated team to perform these acts, which are fully accountable. In fact once you choose a service, we can provide you with an email and/or sms (depending on your preference) when possible, to tell you when your acts has been carried out , and when photographic evidence can be provided e.g. feeding the needy – we most certainly will upon request. Transparency and Accountability is a priority for us, and we will try our best to ensure it.

Our core team is based in the UK with a wide network of reliable individuals throughout the world. We ensure that those carrying out the acts know fully the jurisprudential laws (fiqh) related to the acts and also the spiritual aspects of that acts so as to carry them out correctly and also reap full benefits for your loved ones elevating their status in the process.

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